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May 8, 2023

Metal Work and Home Design


Incorporating Metalwork into Your New Home Design: 

When you’re looking for a way to add an extra touch of style and elegance to your home, one of the best ways is through metal work. Industrial interior design is still one of the biggest design trends in the last decade.  Bringing industrial into residential has some key features that will require metalwork on the inside of your home (not just outside!). Metal work can be used in a variety of ways–from creating decorative pieces like sculptures, light fixtures or even furniture pieces that will add some flair to any room. 

#1.  Exposed pipes and ducts (decorative or usable) 

  • To keep exposed pipes shiny, they need to be clear lacquered, or powder coated.  
  • Bare metal finishes are also popular 
  • Use of exposed pipes can be used in traditional, industrial, modern, and rustic styles 
  • Incorporating exposed pipes and ducts into an interior design can be preferable instead of using false ceilings or other methods to hide them.  

#2.  Metal on walls or doors 

  • Entry doors made of metal are visually interesting and durable. Steel can outlast other materials and is stronger than other products. 
  • Incorporating metal grills into a door can be both decorative and functional 
  • Metal and glass doors offer a combination of security and light into a building 
  • An interior metal wall or metal room divider can give privacy to different spaces while still allowing for air flow and natural light 

#3.  Metal staircases and railings  

  • Steel is one of the most cost effective materials you can use to build stairs 
  • Exterior metal stairs are long-lasting 
  • Metal staircases are naturally resistant to fire and flooding 
  • Metal staircase noise levels are comparable to concrete stairs with normal foot traffic 

#4.  Metal furniture such as tables, chair legs, and display shelving. 

  • Metal furniture has great style, incorporating form and function
  • Furniture made of metal is easy to clean and disinfect, wood is porous and porous surfaces naturally absorb air and liquids making it more difficult to sanitize  
  • Metal furniture is more resistant to wear and tear from pets than wood 

#5.  Accents primarily featured in metal such as hood fans, sculptures, and metal trim work. 

  • Metal trim provides better impact resistance 
  • Metal trim enhances curb appeal of homes 
  • Metal accents on hood fans blend well with other materials style-wise 
  • Metal accents can serve a dual purpose of decoration and reflecting light in the home 

Advantages of Metal Work

Metal work is durable and long lasting. It can be used to create furniture, doors, windows and even staircases. Metal work can be used in many ways to add beauty to your home design. With the longevity and design flexibility of metal work, this is the best option for your home additions to stand the test of time. You can always stop in and speak to our sales team to plan out and design metal work for your home! 


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